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One of the leading mobile video solution provider, Black Mamba Protection offers the most extensive rugged video solutions with multiple HD cameras for all vehicle types and body-worn cameras with complete software management solutions.

Our next generation, body-worn HD video camera BMPproElite™ is extremely tough, IP67 certified, and with ONE BUTTON push recording along with enhanced features. 

One-Touch Recording

Pressing one large tactical button with gloves or none initiates BMPproElite™ recording and illuminates a discreet visual indicator letting only the operator know the camera is in use.

Selectable Pre / Post Recording

Record up to 30 seconds pre and/or post with or without audio, BMPproElite™ is able to adjust to local laws and requirements around the world.

Greater Capacity & Longevity

Record more video at a higher picture quality than other brands with the industry leading storage capacity of BMPproElite™.  Work shifts are longer than 6 hours and with our hot-swappable battery you can achieve 12+ hours of recording.

Secure Video Storage

Built-in password protection will keep all data secure on BMPproElite™ and allow in-the-field event tagging directly on the body-worn camera.  No need to use additional equipment like your personal smart-phone.

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With an IP67 waterproof rating, BMPproElite™ will deliver reliable performance no matter what the weather conditions.

Rugged, Reliable Design

Designed for the demands of military & law enforcement applications, BMPproElite™ will deliver years of reliable performance.

HD Video, Audio & Photos

Your all-in-one tool to capture 1080p high-definition color video, high-fidelity audio, and 20 Megapixel still photos, with a LUX of 0.05 and automatic infrared activation BMPproElite™ eliminates the need for multiple devices.

Simple Viewing

As simple as 1, 2, or 3, BMPproElite™ can be viewed with the built-in 2.0” Color LCD Screen, any computer, or any TV / Viewing Monitor.


BMPproElite™ works with a large assortment of 2 way talk radios. See here.  Great to limit the amount of gear on Officers on duty.


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BMPproElite - One Button Push Police Body Cam with optional Digital Evidence Management Software powered by VeriPic with FIPS-140 compliant and local Storage

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