A Few Quotes from the COPS & PERF Body-Worn Camera Forum

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"Implementing a Body-Worn Camera Program Recommendations and Lessons Learned"

 “I really believe that body-worn cameras are the wave of the future for most police agencies. This technology is driving the expectations of the public. They see this out there, and they see that other agencies that have it, and their question is, ‘Why don’t you have it?’”

– Roberto Villaseñor, Chief of Police, Tucson (Arizona) Police Department


“Everyone is on their best behavior when the cameras are running. The officers, the public—everyone.”

– Ron Miller, Chief of Police, Topeka (Kansas) Police Department


“In the testing we did [of body-worn cameras], we had a number of tenured officers who wanted to wear the cameras and try them out, and their feedback was very positive. They said things like, ‘You’ll be amazed at how people stop acting badly when you say this is a camera, even if they’re intoxicated.’ And we also know that the overwhelming majority of our officers are out there doing a very good job, and the cameras will show just that.”

– Douglas Gillespie, Sheriff, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department


“Some police departments are doing themselves a disservice by not using body-worn cameras. Everyone around you is going to have a camera, and so everyone else is going to be able to tell the story better than you if you don’t have these cameras. And when the Civil Rights Division is looking at a police department, every piece of information that shows the department is engaged in constitutional policing is important. So of course body-worn cameras can help.”

 – Roy L. Austin, Jr., Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice


“In a sensitive investigation, such as a rape or child abuse case, if you have a victim who doesn’t want to be recorded, I think you have to take that into account. I think that you cannot just arbitrarily film every encounter. There are times when you’ve got to give your officers some discretion to turn the camera off. Of course, the officers should be required to articulate why they’re not recording or why they’re shutting it off, but we have to give them that discretion.” – Charlie Beck, Chief of Police, Los Angeles Police Department


Full report / guidance at https://www.justice.gov/iso/opa/resources/472014912134715246869.pdf



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