About Us

Black Mamba Protection LLC
12301 Research Park Blvd.
Building 4, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78759
Toll Free: 1-888-444-6290
Local Phone : 1-512-850-4075

Who is Black Mamba Protection?

Black Mamba Protection, was founded in 2012 with headquarters located in Austin, TX.

We have been featured and tested by the United States of America Department of Justice, Officer.com, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and Justice Information Technology Center (www.justnet.org).

“Our mission is to develop and deploy the latest software and hardware technologies to provide in-vehicle video, body-worn camera, and tracking solutions to improve operations, management, and safety of our clients in Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, EMS, Fleet, and Private Agencies.  
Black Mamba Protection provides real time GPS tracking, deployment of SWAT (Skilled Workers with Advanced Tools) installation technician’s nationwide, onsite data storage, and highly secure cloud storage solutions with the ability to migrate and retain the data collected offsite in real time with remote access.
We provide mobile video recording solutions to prevent false claims and clarify inconsistent accounts of real-life situations, combining convenient software service for automatically storing, easy searching, and exact documentation of each scenario for context accuracy and accountability.”
David - President
The Black Mamba Protection Mission
At Black Mamba Protection, we are focused on becoming the leading supplier of Mobile DVR Video Surveillance Solutions for personal or vehicles within our segmented markets by providing better, simpler, and more fully integrated products to meet the demands of our customers.