BMPpro & VeriPic Software Solution


Body Worn Cameras generate a huge amount video day after day. Moving all that video from the cameras to the computer and filing it away properly can be extremely challenging and labor intensive. How do you process thousands of video files daily?


Proven Technology

The product line has proven itself…. Since 1998


Standardization is Everything

The Locker is an integral part of the Digital Evidence Manager® system. DEM is THE standard for storing Body Worn Camera Video. Black Mamba Protection – BMPpro has partnered up with VeriPic to use DEM for Body Worn Camera Videos.

BMPpro & VeriPic Locker

Dock and Walk™

The Video Evidence Locker automatically detects that a Body Worn Camera is being recharged and pulls all the video off the camera while it’s being recharged. The officer just Docks their camera and can go home. The camera’s memory is cleaned afterwards making the camera completely ready for use the next morning.


Storing Data Generated by Body Worn Camera


Video Retention

Set different retention periods for different types of incidents. Retention periods are totally customizable. Video is retained for the required period based on your criteria.


Document Your Video

Attach titles and notes to your video as documentation.


Search and View

Easily search for videos using words, dates, officer — using an interface similar to internet search engines.


Ease of Use

Most users are functional with less than 30 minutes of training.


Audit Trail and Chain of Custody

The Audit Trail tracks all user interactions associated with the Video File.

 Users and their supervisors can view their videos but access is prevented for other users. Accidental videos that have no evidentiary value can be optionally marked as “private” to protect the privacy of the officer involved.


Transfer to Digital Evidence Manager®

Approximately 3% of Body Worn Video becomes part of a case or lawsuit. Video Locker seamlessly transfers these videos to the VeriPic® Digital Evidence Manager® for permanent storage as evidence video, exempt from retention policy sweep out with all the benefits offered by DEM. Digital Evidence Manager® includes Military Strength Encryption, eDiscovery, Group Access, Evidence Management including all other types of evidence such as still photos, audio files, scanned documents, etc.




Digital Evidence comes in many forms:

Videos from BMPproElite

Suspect Interview Room Recordings

Crime Scene Photos

Audio witness statements

Scanned Documents

This can amount to thousands of Terabytes of data. We can help!

BMPpro & VeriPic Digital Evidence Management


Top equipment company like Black Mamba Protection – BMPpro partner with VeriPic to make DEM a standard way of handling evidence.


  1. Easy to Use: Users can typically start after only 2 hours of training.
  2. Award Winning: Winner of the Cygnus Law Enforcement Group’s Innovation Award for Software.
  3. It’s Reliable: It performs repetitive tasks under computer control. It helps prevent human
  4. It’s Secure: 256 Bit military strength encryption.
  5. Economical: Choose the most economical way to store your data… On your server or In the Cloud.
  6. Compatibility: Choose BMPpro Body Worn Camera, Digital SLR, Audio Recorder, and Scanner. You’re never stuck with one brand.
  7. Reduce Paperwork: DEM makes paperwork... Paperless. Reduce overtime pay or keep officers on the street more.
  8. Advanced Technology: Photo Authentication™, Patented Multiple Hash, Randomized Encryption Keys, TurboView™, etc.
  9. Smart Phones: Optional VeriPic Mobile Capture™ smart phone app works seamlessly with DEM.
  10. eDiscovery Compiler: Make Discovery Responses easy with the eDiscovery Compiler option.

Many Reasons: One Conclusion come to again and again is to go with the Industry leader with almost 2 decades of experience. To see what Digital Evidence Management® is all about – just call us. You’ll be glad you did.